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Find your favourite way to enjoy the benefits of a holistic approach to well-being. Try one of our classic cannabinoid vape’s and relax knowing your in the right place. We promise to provide you with the most exceptional cannabinoid experiences available on the internet and beyond.

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LOUD flavours POTENT with CBD Gold.

Our Little Hemp Forest Farm

A home for sustainable hemp practises that
keep it simple and stay on brand.

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Buy something different this time and enjoy the high end of whats on offer.


No VG, PG. MCT or any fillers| Nothing added what-so-ever!


A Passionate proprietary process that refines pure CBD Gold®

100% Hemp!

Enjoy Grade AAA Terpene profiles from happy hemp plants

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Whether you are a legacy retailer or a hemp B2B newbie, let’s get some gold circulating between us! We have an impressive retail ready proposal that, should you fit with our re-seller criteria, we can provide you with eye-popping effective Point Of Sale plus a decent markup for bulk orders. Drop us a message and let’s get this party started.

CBD Gold | Vape & Relax…

What some have said...

" Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see... "
Thomas Jefferson | Past President
" They've outlawed the No. 1 vegetable
on the planet! "
Timothy Leary | Cultural Thought Leader
" I will never give up the ganja!
God's own weed. "
Morgan Freeman | The Man
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