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CBD Gold is the best so far ~ By Anonymous on 27 June 2016

"CBD Gold is a fantastic brand of E-Liquid. Better than others I've used in the past 3 years I've been vaping."

5.0 out of 5 starsThe best CBD Vape liquid by far! ~ By Anonymous on 19 May 2016

"This is a fantastic product, I have tried a couple of CBD Vape liquids and this by far is the best quality. I have a painful medical condition and this helps me to really relax and I feel not as affected by the pain. I absolutely recommend this product."

Cbd gold mixer ~ By yvette bird on 7 May 2016

"Odorless and very good for using to vape with my ecig. Helps to relax and take the edge off chronic pain I suffer with. Highly recommended to anyone with chronic pain."

The CBD is great for my arthritis and helps me relax ~ By Anonymous on 24 March 2016

"WOW…great tasting flavour! The CBD is great for my arthritis and helps me relax. I love the fact its organic. Really quick delivery!"

Helps to take the edge off symptoms and makes life more managable ~ By Maplewinter on 23 March 2016

"I suffer with Fibromyalgia and ME as well as depression and anxiety. I spend my days in pain and whilst I do take a lot of prescription medications I do not always get relief. As a result, I have recently been looking at alternative ways to try and relieve some of my symptoms. That is when I stumbled across CBD Oil.
CBD Oil is from the same plant as cannabis but it is done so that the hallucinogenic properties, or the THC, removed which makes it legal in this country. I like that the CBD Gold e-liquid is natural and 100% organic so that there are no nasty toxins in them.
I got three of the CBD Gold e-liquids to try. Those where the Blackcurrant flavour, the Lemon and Lime flavour and the Mixer which is unflavoured so that you can add other flavours to the e-liquid.
The Blackcurrant CBD Gold e-liquid was really good. I liked that it was really sweet tasting and very fruity. It reminded me a lot of Ribena. Of the two flavoured e-liquids I received this was my favourite
The Lemon and Lime CBD Gold e-liquid was good don’t get me wrong but I preferred the blackcurrant flavour. This one was a very citrusy flavour which was refreshing to the taste buds.
The Mixer CBD Gold e-liquid was my overall favourite. Although this liquid had no flavour with it I did find some nicotine free flavoured e-liquids that I mixed with it. So far I have tried it with a Sarsaparilla flavour and a Blood Tonic flavour. I found this one to be the most versatile and for that it became my favourite of the three CBD Gold e-liquids.
I have been using the oils now for a couple of weeks and I have noticed a difference in my pain. I tend to find a few drags of the e-cigarette takes the edge of the pain that I am feeling at the time. Couple that with the prescription medication I have found my pain levels to be more manageable.
I would highly recommend CBD Gold e-liquids as they have made my pain levels more manageable. I use it throughout the day as I start to feel the pain and just have a few puffs. I have found that since using the e-liquid my anxiety levels have reduced as well as my pain. I am not saying that this is a miracle cure and you should stop taking medications and just use this as that is something that you should consult your doctor about."

RELAX, CHILLAX ~ By MR D HENDON on 8 March 2016

"CBD has a 101 different uses and is not specific to any ailment.
CBD is the healthier happy side of cannabis. You certainly wont get stoned or high from this product, even if you vape it neat.
CBD is alleged to have analgesic effects, and is being studied in the medical world, for a host of different uses, from epilepsy to anti psychosis medicines. There is an absolute mass of info on most search engines about CBD and it would be worth a read, and creating your own opinion about the pros and cons of CBD.
The only effects that I believe I can feel is to say that I feel slightly more relaxed or chilled, Pain is lessened in my joints, but does not last a massive amount of time after stopping vaping.
I can not get this oil to give a burnt taste no matter how hard I vape it, unlike some vape oils.
As this CBD does not contain any nicotine it will not satisfy your cravings if you are a regular smoker, however as this oil is unflavoured it can be added to your regular vape mix to give the best of both worlds
I have tried three different flavours ( mixes ) of this brand, and they have all been excellent.
All the mixes have been crystal clear and of a very thick consistency.
I find that this vape mix, vapes away slower than standard Glycol, but still gives a good vape cloud, and is absolutely super smooth.
This CBD came delivered in a funky gold bubble wrapped bag, The juice comes in a plastic bottle, within a plastic sleeve with a lid, and a write up about the product.
The base mix is 40%PG / 60%VG
I can highly recommend this product based on my own experience."