Product Reviews for Menthol


Very minty menthol flavour and lovely vape experience ~ By A. J. Hart on 11 March 2016
I've been looking at CBD oil as an alternative to medication to help with my diabetic neuropathy and joint/back pains. I didn't know what it was until I did some research recently and tried some oil that had it in. I found it eased my pain and stopped me being in pain at bed time when my pain is normally worse. I use an e-cigarette after giving up smoking and saw this and instantly wanted to try it. Now the dose in this is only 100mg and some oil I've just ordered from another supplier is 5000mg. So, I think it is worth finding out how strong your pain is and what it is you need it for. I tried a couple of sample products before getting an idea of what rate I needed. This liquid is a lovely flavour of mint but not too strong and you do feel a calming sensation but it isn't strong enough to help with my pain. It may work for depression or mild anxiety but for my severe pain, it isn't strong enough. It's a good quality product and delivered very quickly with professional packing. I would recommend to those with mild pain etc but not for strong pain. This has no THC's, so will not cause any psychological issues. I am not going to dock it any stars because I believe it serves its purpose but it is dependent on what the user wants to achieve.

Wish id known about this years ago ~ By Mr. D. Begley on 30 March 2016
Id been looking in to buying some cbd for a while, after reading up about its effects. I have a spinal injury which has messed up the nerves in my lower back and legs. I currently take large quantities of morphine and oramorph to ease the pain but nothing gets rid of it. After recieving CBD Gold Menthol yesterday I put a few drops in my vape and about half an hour before bedtime i used it. Within minutes i felt very relaxed and the pain in my back, for once want bothering me as much. I managed to get more sleep after using cbd than i had had in years. I feel better and my brain feels les cluttered and more focused than it has in years. This is a must buy for anyone in a similar situation.

Pleasantly surprised. ~ By sarah cushing on 11 March 2016
I got this as I suffer with severe back pain and it does take some of the pain away which means I am hopefully not going to rely on pain killers as much.I had watched tv shows from America saying it helps with a lot of ailments but never thought we would be able to try it over here.So I was quite interested in trying some.You just put some in a normal standard e cigarette and after about 5-10 minutes you can feel something.I am not saying this is going to help everyone with pain but it does for me. Very pleased

5.0 out of 5 starsThe CBD is great for my arthritis and helps me relax
By Anonymous on 24 March 2016
WOW…great tasting flavour! The CBD is great for my arthritis and helps me relax. I love the fact its organic. Really quick delivery!

5.0 out of 5 starsCBD Gold is the best so far ~ By Amazon Customer on 27 June 2016
CBD Gold is a fantastic brand of E-Liquid. Better than others I've used in the past 3 years I've been vaping.

Five Stars ~ By Harvey on 15 March 2016
Amazing fruity flavour…this eliquid tastes better than my shisha!