How fast until we see CBD as a mainstream accepted way of giving up smoking?


A few weeks ago we wrote an article  explaining how cannabidiol (CBD) can help you quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Turns out that numerous studies have found a link between the nicotine addiction and the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Because ECS's receptors (CB1 and CB2) are known to bind with cannabinoids (such as CBD) they can successfully ease the smoking cessation symptoms associated with quitting!

It does sounds good, doesn't it? Especially if you are considering to switch to e-cigarettes - This will allow you to vape on a CBD based eLiquid (such as CBD Gold) to achieve even better results!

You would think that CBD will one day be available on prescription as a stop smoking aid...maybe one day ;)

But it's simply not that simple. 

Believe it or not, there are still countries where CBD is considered as a dangerous drug and therefore is illegal! The reason for that is because of this hair-raising word... 'cannabis'.

Cannabidiol is extracted from industrial hemp, and while hemp is a subspecies of the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa L.), in reality is has very little to do with the recreational cannabis known better as 'pot' or 'weed'.

The first (and most important) difference is that CBD is non psychoactive - it does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is responsible for getting you high! 

But there's more, what most people don't realise, is that most of us use hemp in our every day lives already. From clothing, to food, to a whole host of consumer and building products, not to mention in so many beauty and body care products, it's only slightly fair to call hemp a wonder crop. 

It is one of the fastest growing biomasses and requires little to no pesticides and no herbicides plus it naturally controls erosion of the topsoil, plus because of its super fast growing time it is also very efficient at cleaning unwanted CO2 out of the air and replacing it with good ol' oxygen that we all so know and love.

Unfortunately, despite the enormous benefits that come from hemp, our society still associates hemp with the 'out of date' connotations of pot. However this is gradually changing, possibly due to the numerous studies clearly stating that both, CBD and hemp in general have indeed a lot to offer with very little side effects.

Considering all that, we will one day see CBD as a mainstream accepted way of quitting smoking, how long depends on the flexibility of vape culture thinking. One things for sure and that 'change is constant' and the faster the word spreads the faster change happens.

If you would like to chat with somebody about giving up smoking than is a very helpful platform which covers tackling addiction in the UK.


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