From Green to Gold


The process of turning green into gold was a long and drawn out journey of discovery and concept struggle.

Never before has a company had to re-establish an innovative life changing product that has its origin within the most controversial plant on the planet earth, Hemp.

In late 2014 we set out to form a collection of like minded individuals who could foresee a future where CBD, one of the active compounds found in hemp could be used to reinvent the traditional vaping phenomena that all has been touched in some way or another.

Whether its a family member or a random stranger at work that has been using nicotine based e cigs to kick the nasty habit of smoking, everyone has been introduced to the concept of electric cigarettes by now.

Vaping has fast become the method of choice to say goodbye to coventional tobacco cigarettes, but simultaneously has not provided an actual alternative to the nicotine addiction one is usually trying to control.

We could see that there could be a way of extracting cannabaidiol the legal, relieving compound out of the hemp plant and incorporate it in a everyday CBD e liquid.

This proved a lot harder than initially thought and for 6 months we went back and forth until we had finally created the first UK brand to boast an e liquid with an added benefit of CBD and most importantly, NO nicotine!

We immediately knew that this non toxic , no nicotine, healthier equivalent to common eliquid was going to be a success so started to further refine the formulation while gaining huge amounts of positive data from people eager to give up nicotine.

Another 6 months had passed and now the new and improved finalised formulation was ready for commercial production, in September this year 2015, CBD Gold was the first company to introduce to the UK the first ever CBD e liquid that had been professionally formulated in a UK Laboratory by leading innovators in medical products.

Although not registered as a medicine, CBD Gold is made with organic CBD and this means that people who vape CBD Gold can now benefit from all of the goodness that CBD brings many people all over the world. CBD Gold has literally turned the lush green fields of certified organic hemp fields into pure CBD Gold, so now you the health conscious vaper can Vape & Relax.




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  • John Yoda
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