I want to buy cannabidiol products, what do I look out for?


So you have done your research in to the benefits of CBD, and you wish to buy cannabidiol products be it an oral CBD tincture, hemp oil, CBD paste or a cannabidiol eliquid (like CBD Gold) but what should you be looking out for? 

Firstly you need to ensure that the product is made in the right conditions, we produce CBD Gold under strict lab conditions that meet all current UK and European requirements.

Check what is actually in the CBD products you wish to buy. We work with World class extracting labs to be sure that only the finest extracted natural cannabidiol from hemp is used in all our products, plus we use only the best ingredients. This always has been and always will be the case with any of our current and planned CBD products.

We believe it is your right to be able to check lab certification (you can view ours by clicking here) and test results.

Make sure that the Company who manufacture or who are selling the cannabidiol products are easily reachable and we believe it helps if they are an actual verified Company in their Country. Discretion is advised here, if you are unsure you should be able to contact the Company in question and ask for guidance on the product. We make it easy to do this and you can contact us here

Hemp and cannabidiol products do have massive potential and many benefits and we want to ensure that our range will always meet and exceed regulations and customer expectations. You can read more about us, our promise to you and our philosophy here.




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  • John Yoda
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