Why CBD Gold?


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a boom industry, there are many studies and ongoing research that state the benefits of CBD and a multitude of CBD products to choose from, so why should you choose CBD Gold?

We formulated CBD Gold to give vapers an alternative over current nicotine based e-liquids and we are very proud of the fact it is the first ever cannabidiol eliquid to be certified right here in the UK by an independent biotec.

With all the considerable press that cannabidiol has been getting recently because of it's potential health benefits, it can supposedly help with everything from seizures to schizophrenia. Also CBD is non psycho-active so it does not cause a high unlike tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is another compound found in cannabis. 

As David Casarett, MD, author of Stoned: A Doctor’s Case For Medical Marijuana said there are dozens of other cannabinoids in pot, but THC and CBD are the two we know the most about. For instance, we know that THC mainly activates CB1 receptors in brain areas that are associated with memory and coordinated movement. We also know that CB1 receptor activation can interact with the release of another well-known neurotransmitter: dopamine. This all causes a lot of those classic stoner effects — altered thinking patterns, euphoria, and a not-so-great memory, to name a few.

However, unlike THC, CBD interacts with CB2 receptors, which are found more often in various immune system tissues in your body than in the brain (although they are there in smaller amounts). But CBD interacts with and can block both CB1 and CBD2 receptors, meaning that it may sometimes block THC’s actions. So, CBD on its own tends to produce effects more along the lines of anti-inflammation and reducing pain. Therefore CBD doesn’t cause the same “stoned” or "psychedelic" feeling that THC does.

Although oral CBD drops or tinctures are considered "the norm" sometimes this delivery of cannabidiol can be inconsistent, when vaping CBD Gold, vapour infused with CBD passes over the buccal membranes and inhales into the lungs, where it travels to the alveoli.

At these prime sites CBD is transported into the bloodstream effectively.



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